Who we are

DUCTLİNE CONNECTION EQUIPMENT was built on the tradition of 30 years in the ventilation sector and started production in 2017. As of 2017, it has adopted a customer-oriented commercial approach in the heating-cooling-ventilation sector with its manufacturer identity. In the position of producer, İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone has taken its place in the sector in the Environmental Industry Site.

It has taken its place in the sector as a professional with its state-of-the-art machinery trails.

It manufactures flange, corner, clip, profile and clamp which is one of the air duct connection equipments. In addition to these products, insulation products used in the ventilation duct and perforated, rod, bolt, nut and so on. is also trading auxiliary products.

Our vision:

To provide clean air in indoor areas, to produce healthy air-conditioning details, to find new products, to develop, to design, to sell and to provide clean and suitable air for these systems to develop duct equipment.

Our Mission:

DUCT LINE, in accordance with the Quality Assurance System and related standards, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, technological follow-up and development, without compromising quality and environmental principles are targeted to the main principles.


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